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Subliminal Trader was founded by a passionate trader who, like many others, faced the unique challenges that come with the territory.

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How the subconscious mind affects your trading

Do you ever get apprehensive and second-guess your trade setup, or allow self-doubt and fear to take over before placing a trade?

Sometimes it seems that our own mind works against us.. and YES, you would be right! Let me tell you it’s true!

We are also extremely vulnerable at times of emotional pain, suffering, or unconsciousness. For example, when we lose at trading, it is at this point that negative thought programming and commands can quickly enter our brains. Your conscious efforts are undermined by strong emotional and subconscious forces. As traders, we need to focus on our actions and results. These don’t lie, yet our minds can.

 To have a positive influence over our trading results, we must bypass the conscious mind and deliver good, positive commands in an unnoticeable and repetitive way.


How subliminal messages work

Subliminal therapy has been around since the early 1900s, also known as “whisper therapy”. With advancing technology, subliminal messages are now prevalent in images, music, and sound. As we grow older, our subconscious becomes limited and programmed. Subconscious affirmations can help overwrite current programming and deliver positive commands to achieve goals without being noticed.

  • Subliminal messages are now common in technology
  • The subconscious mind takes orders without question
  • Subconscious affirmations can help overcome limitations and deliver positive commands